HELLO THERE..designer here, everyone is but most don't know it.

welcome to my place.

not much to say been at this since 2004..so I know a trick or two, tell me what you need & i shall morph it into something visual !

with more than one design option & style results shall be achieved fast & easy.

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no i'm not going to name it portofolio..not everything is here plus it's a mess really ! but you get the idea

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From logo design to general multi purpose graphic design down to the letterhead ! I've got you covered.

UX / UI Design

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2d flash animation presentation or application..if that is still your thing..it's definitely still mine..thank you google for killing flash...t_t


Business cards brochures flyers catalogs..

etc...or ect..?! maybe bfg..i don't care.


Web Design "Obviously" =] Application design & anything in between.

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what..? I thought we talked about what i do in the abilities section..?
oh..you want to know how we can do business right ?

it's easy ! contact me anytime however you like we talk agree on things then i get started & deliver on or before the agreed upon time !



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drop by and say hi ask game or just talk !

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discount if u know what that sign is....

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